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Our Solution

WIPO patented WO 2020/173539 A1

We Help Set Cities Infrastructure Priorities Correctly

Set Priorities Correctly

To optimize results, we utilize state-of-the-art design technologies within existing street lighting infrastructure.
We are among the leading provider within complex project design with particular strongholds embedding CCTV, Face recognition, Environmental sensorics, 5G small cell, WiFi and edge computing structures. 

Form follows function

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We customize your Modulus

The modular system of the "3t Modulus" is an efficient and cost-saving development of street lighting technology.

We use existing street lighting infrastructure empowering each street light into a wireless network coordinator and data distributor.

This creates flexibility, which enables the user and operator to perform additional task solutions.

Our Mission


the future of our quality of life is becoming ever more important and requires innovations that enable us to maintain it, as well as support its progress.


We have made it our mission to help improving the safety of our quality of life with intelligent products and solutions for the international market.


We use this, to a large extent already existing, infrastructure to create the necessary conditions for communication of IoT sensors, 5G small cell coverage, edge computing, body temperature screening and video surveillance.

Our Competence

The core competence of 3t International is the planning and delivery of Intelligent LED Street Lighting Systems, equipped with state of the art WiFi, CCTV and any kind of IoT applications.

Business Levels

Cities must be safe before they become smart

Smart & Safe City>

Smart industrial solutions offer improved performance, reliability and address the challenges of industrial IoT.

Smart Industrial

Cyber Security is Industrial & National Security

Industrial & National Security

Our Vision



Lassallestrasse 7A/Unit 5/Top 1 
1020 Vienna, Austria


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